Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Saga of the HP Cosmo Dress

Here's the finished dress - well, finished except for the hems. I was sooo excited about making this dress. It's just too bad that it looks awful on me. I would never wear it. I even tried on the muslin again to check if I just missed something. It looked okay but not great. I thought the problem was just ugly fabric. The muslin was a dark brown jersey which didn't make me look as heavy as this lighter colored dress. As DH said, this dress is not one of my finer moments. Part of the problem was not enough fabric in the blue print to make the dress. I spent an afternoon trying different combinations and just could not quite make it. What a bummer! I think the dress would have been wearable in one fabric. That is history, unfortunately. I searched my stash and found a white knit that worked well with the blue print. Actually, things went along pretty well until I sewed the side seams and tried it on for hemming. I looked awful and would never wear the dress. Then, I had to decide. I could make it a wadder (the trash can looked pretty good right them), finish it and take it to Goodwill for someone to wear, or make a blouse out of the skirt fabric. I finally decided on the third option and V4076 is in process. Wow! I almost bowed out of labor day activities to stay in my sewing room and finish the dress in time for the Mini Wardrobe Contest. Okay, I thought about it for about 2 minutes.
Since I last posted, life has been beyond chaotic. I have finished (except for hemming) a pair of brown rayon pullon pants which works well with the other 3 garments in my mini wardrobe. I am determined to finish the wardrobe although the deadline is long past. Also, I'm working on a white jersey top from V4076 (sewing it assembly line method with the blue print). I'm leaving for Philadelphia tomorrow to spend a long weekend with my daughter, her husband, and 3 German Shepherds. I am more than ready to get away and this trip promises to be fun (although not sewing related -- I need a break!) When I get back, I am hoping to get these projects finished and post pictures --- of some things that I can wear!