Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bloglovin, Of Course

Like most other bloggers, I have registered on bloglovin. You can follow me at
I don't know what is going to happen tomorrow when Google Reader leaves. Hopefully, the dashboard will remain the same. I read blogs from the dashboard. At this point, I have a few problems with Bloglovin. (Maybe, I don't care much for change.) I haven't figured out how to make comments without leaving the site and going to the website of the blogger. I love comments and know most bloggers do. I've limited my computer time and hate spend time going to the actual website to make a comment. Also, I can't see all my followers. I appreciate everyone who follows my blog and would like to read what all of you are doing. I sure wish that blogloving had a place for questions and answers. Maybe these issues are just me. I hope so. If so, I'll figure them out eventually.

Finally, I'm starting to have some time for sewing. My blog posts will increase when I'm able to get pictures. It's the rainy season in "sunny" Florida. When the sun does come out, I use the occasion to work in the yard. Right now, it's just too dreary for any halfway decent pictures. I'll just get back to sewing and create more stuff for blogging when the sun comes out. Maybe it will tomorrow! :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Sewing Conundrum

When my life is busy (like really hectic) and there is no sewing time, I usually buy patterns and fabric. The items are on sale at prices too good to miss (or so my brain tells me). I find my behavior confusing. There are plenty of patterns and fabrics in my stash of goodies. I could spend my limited time sewing a seam or two. Do I do that? No, I spend my time exploring websites! When I'm involved with a sewing project, the sales don't appeal to me most of time...if I even notice them. I'm just too busy working on a project. Anyhow, I did buy some treasures. I'll have lots of fun with them if life allows.

The BVM sales are great. Here's what I bought:
Fabric Mart had a 50% off sale on double knit and ponte. In my defense, that type of fabric is lacking in my stash. I do need some basic wardrobe builder fabric.
Fabric Mart Ponte and double knit

Sawyer Brook only has a few sales during the year. I love their fabric. It's a bit pricey but well worth it.
Sawyer Brook sage silk and print cotton satin

Gorgeous Fabrics has great fabrics at a reasonable price but high shipping costs. There are sales almost every weekend. Most of the time I check the sales when I'm looking for something specific. This time I was looking for sage lace to go with the above pictured silk. When I found it, I had to have it knowing that the colors might not match. The fabric gods were with me and the colors are perfect. Of course, fabric doesn't like to travel alone so I bought a  couple of pieces to go with it.
Gorgeous Fabrics lace, print ponte knit and brown double knit
I did manage to work on the shirt for DH when all the sales (of interest to me) finally ended. I just have buttonholes and buttons to go.

That's all that's going on in my sewing world. Happy sewing!