Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Since I last posted, I've felt scattered. My sewing reflected my feelings. I figured that it was time to sew Vogue 1250 like everyone else in blogland. When I saw Carolyn's most recent version of this dress, one of the fabrics in my stash started screaming "Me, Me". It's not a ponte. It's a gauze type fabric with a backing, but the houndstooth is similar. I purchased it from EOS because I loved the camel and brown color combination. This fabric was not a great choice for my first version because it raveled like crazy. Also, it didn't have enough stretch for this design. I took out the side seams as much as I could. With a bit more ease, I would like it better but it's wearable. I like it.

I'm still trying to decide how to finish the armholes and hem. Usually, I topstitch. I just don't think that would look very good with this fabric and design. I'll probably serge and hand stitch although I may use binding. Right now it's hanging in the closet waiting for the final inspiration. For the back I turned and used stitch witchery instead of a facing (got that idea from Carolyn). I like the way it finished the edge without a facing flapping around.
While procrastinating making that decision, I started working on a shirt for DH, Silhouette 6012.The definition of sewing insanity is making a tailored man's shirt in a cotton gauze, especially for the first time. I made the mistake of asking him what fabric he wanted. What a trip this has been! I've been trying to get all those points just right and, finally, realized that is not going to happen. It's crazy anyway. He wants to wear it in the garden to stay cool and protect him from the sun. I seriously doubt that he will notice those points. I have finished all the pieces and sewed the front and back together. The rest should be easy, right?
I was too lazy to press the sleeve before the picture. I just wanted to see my progress. The collar does have a band that I added after taking the picture.

My work on the shirt stopped when I needed something to wear to a funeral. At my age, I knew that I needed a funeral dress but it seemed morbid to start sewing one. I am tired of wearing my old black pants and t-shirt top. A good friend died of cancer last week. I was planning to take a picture after the funeral but just didn't feel like it. A picture of the dress will come in a future post. While appropriate for a funeral, it's also a nice date night dress.

Sewing has been slow the past few weeks because we are remodeling our master bathroom. It's hard for me to concentrate with all the banging, etc. going on. Here's my home work-in-process picture:

You can see the edge of embroidered quilt I made years ago. That's the only pretty part of this picture. I can't wait for the construction to be done!! I'd like to work on organizing and decorating my sewing room. I've seen so many great pictures on the blogs lately. I'll get to it - soon I hope.  I'd like to finish some of my bits and pieces first.

I did finish cutting out the lace anniversary dress except for the lining (which was orderd and only arrived a few days ago). I doubt that I will start the sewing until the end of May or June.

I've tired to resist all the wonderful fabric sales around. I barely have room for my large fabric stash. I saw this on EOS. It spoke to me and was in the cart before I knew it. I'm looking forward to an easy (hopefully) summer dress from the fabric. I want to end the post with a pretty picture so  here it is: