Monday, January 4, 2016

Top 5 Reflections of 2015 and Goals for 2016

Top 5 of 2015

1. When looking at fabric for a project, I think about color and color combinations. IMHO, I'm pretty good at that. In the process, I forget about the texture and drape of the fabric. I need to consider both.

2. My ability to fit has improved considerably since I first started sewing garments. I still tend to over fit which results in a tight or slightly skewed garment. I need to remember that my aging body requires a looser fit that skims my body.

3. Overall, I am pleased with my sewing in 2015. Considering the amount of time that I spent traveling and being a nurse to a sick husband, I was productive. I made a lot of garments that I enjoy wearing.

4. I didn't try many new techniques, but I did try some.  I am pleased that I used my serger to completely sew a knit top.

5. Most of my sewing was fairly easy. Perhaps, it is take to make more challenging garments.

2016 Goals

As usual, I didn't meet my 2015 goals, but I did work on them. I did make wearable garments, but not many that I can wear day-to-day. While I believe that my knitting has improved, I didn't finish anything wearable or worthy of bragging. I did make a cardigan that looks pretty good, but ran out of yarn. I worked on my 3 quilts, but never finished a one. My bra making course remains a dream. I either lacked  enough focus or made my 2015 goals too ambitious. I will try again this year!

1. Make 3 pairs of pants or jeans.

2. Make 3 white blouses or tops.

3. Make a coat.

4. Make 12 separates that are mix and match.

5. Finish the Craftsy bra making course.

Happy New Year!!