Sunday, August 14, 2016

Charity Sewing, Garment Labels, and Vacation

I don't have my new camera in operation yet. Partly, that's because we had major house construction and vacation as soon as tax season was finished. Mostly, I have put off dealing with it. That's sad because the camera was expensive and the backlog of finished projects is increasing steadily. My quest for better pictures has, so far, resulted in no pictures. I'd just prefer to sew. :)

Anyhow, one finished project  was photographed on my dress form. My hubbie belongs to a charity group and asked me to make 3 aprons for women who were going to sell raffle tickets at a fund raising dinner. Sure, I say. Really, aprons can't be difficult. So, I go off to spend some time with Mr. Google and found a beautiful apron that appeared easy to sew. Then, I asked him what size I should use for the aprons. Naturally, he didn't know. He had only met one of the women and never met the other 2. He just said that the one woman was "bigger than" me. That's great. I'm 5'1" and weigh 115 lbs. There are a lot of sizes "bigger than" me. Also, he didn't want anything as "complicated" as the apron I picked. In addition, he wanted 3 pockets - one for raffle tickets, one for sold raffle tickets, and one for money. I finally decided to just create my own one size fits all sort of apron. He wanted to buy the fabric to make sure the fabric was something that showed up in the room. So, he went off to JoAnne's armed with 50% off coupon. He came home saying that he couldn't believe how much he saved with the coupon. The best part of this project is his understanding of how I am a sucker for discount coupons The fabric is gorgeous - just ravels when you look at it. Yes, it was a beast to sew. I'm grateful that I have a serger that hung in there with me for three of these gems.

To make the aprons, I cut 2 yards for each apron and cut a hole in the center that was big enough for 2 of my heads (My head is small- I buy hats in the tween shop.) Then, I serged around the hole and the outside of the fabric.  For the pockets, I serged around a rectangle, sewed it on when I thought hands could reach, and sewed 2 straight lines to make the 3 pockets. It worked out just fine. In fact, everyone had a good time buying raffle tickets from the "golden girls". The group made a lot of money!!

Yea!! I finally have garment labels from The Dutch Label Shop . That's thanks to Lori  who had a discount code for the shop. Y'all know how I can't resist those discounts codes.

The top is Grainline's Willow that I will blog about one of these days. It's a great pattern.

Finally, here's one of the photos from our May vacation. It was taken from our hotel room in Ormond Beach, FL. I love the beach and can't resist sharing this relaxing view!!

I'm off to cut batting for a back pack. The fabric is due to arrive next week. Then, I will print that camera manuel and, maybe, even look at it.

Happy Sewing!!