Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Absolute Luxury

The SelfishSeamstress would be proud. I made something expensive just for me: a silk nightgown. Of course, DH has cuddling rights but actually it's just down right self indulgent.

I made this Burda 12/2008 #114 nightgown as a dress last year. At the time, I thought that I might want to make it as a nightie. Still, this silk fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics was not purchased for nightgown purposes. Actually, I bought it on a whim to make this Burda pajama set:
I thought this Burda 11/2009 #134 camisole and panties were so cute. I still do. I spent a good bit of time searching for the right lace, bought numerous samples, and never could find the "right" lace. The main problem is that I don't wear baby doll pajamas. Get REAL! I would only admire them from a distance. I haven't worn anything like this to bed since I was 3 years old, if then. I don't remember. Whenever I go looking for a fabric in my stash, I fondle this gorgeous fabric. I just never could think of anything realistic to make from it. This weekend I was playing with my stash because I was bored of working on the M5393 shorts. I was feeling self indulgent and the nightgown was the result. There is still fabric left that may show up as a top one of these days.

Now, back to shorts that I am determined to finish this week without getting into anymore stash mischief.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

More Playing

I spent Mother's Day at Hollywood Studios with DS2's family. Naturally, I had to make a new outfit to wear. What a great day!! Summer has arrived in Florida so it was plenty hot. I was a bit rumbled by the time we got around to taking pictures. Actually, it's a good test for the wearability (Is that a word?) of outfits.
The pants are Burda 03/09 #117 made with a cotton stretch twill. The top is Vogue 4076 made from cotton jersey. The entire outfit was comfy and great to wear for an active, sunny day. I especially like the top. It was cool and survived the day without a winkle. The pants showed signs of the day. I'm still debating whether I will make them again. There is a side invisible zipper. I started to put it in the back and wish now that I had. Since I've lost 3.5 pounds, the pants are now too big. Wow! I was surprised that little bit could make a difference. I have been working out a lot more so maybe that's the reason. At any rate, I would like to take in the side seams a bit, but I refuse to fiddle with that zipper. The back bag some under the seat. That is a pattern alterative I'm afraid. I'll save the picture in case I decide to work on the pattern in the future. One thing I did learn. I definitely miss pockets for my "play day" garments.
Right now, I'm working on M5393 shorts. They'll fit better I'm sure (lol) and they have pockets.
Have a great sewing weekend!!