Thursday, February 20, 2014

Easy Enough for One Hand

Since my right hand is still useless, I thought I'd sew an easy pattern that I've made before. This sweater wrap, Silhouette 85, is my third version. The cut out part was slow. Fortunately, this medium weight sweater knit from Fabric Mart cut and sewed like a dream. I am reluctant to use a tripod for fear of dropping my camera. I even had a difficult time holding the camera and snapping a picture with one hand.

The edges are serged - couldn't face turning and top stitching. Since I finished this garment in January, I've only worked on muslins. There haven't been any cutting mishaps yet. I don't want the first mishap to be with good fabric. I have kept my commitment to no RTW purchases. Anyhow, jeans and a jacket are good to go once my right hand can cut again. Physical therapy starts in March. Yea!

This is a short post. This hunt and peck typing is annoying. Hopefully, I'll be sewing and blogging regularly soon.