Monday, October 26, 2015

Bumble Bee or Jail Bird?

My fabric choice didn't work well for the Grainline Studio Hemlock Tee. The Tee is a great pattern. It's free from I Grainline Studio!  I had no idea that the fabric would look so ridiculous.

Hubbie says that I look like a jailbird. I agree with his opinion, but it is an incredibly comfortable top. I will wear it around the house, but not out in public! Actually, I did wear it to the dentist. I hate going to the dentist although he is super nice - He still plays around with my teeth. The dentist office feels like jail to me. I do have to be careful if I wear it to work in the yard. The police copter flies over my house often. I would hate to mistaken for an escaped convict.

The last picture shows the yellow stripe a bit clearer. In real life the yellow is brighter.  I tried to straighten the pictures in Photoshop, but couldn't make it work. That's going to be a project for another day. Otherwise, this post would be a long time coming!! Hubbie was taking the pictures. I was goofing off (most fun I've had in a photo shoot) and told him to just keep snapping pictures.

I did all the sewing by serger except for the hems. That's a first for me although I sew with knits quite often. The only problem I had was serging the neck binding. I will be serging knits a lot more now. The top was an easy sew and only took about two hours. An hour of that was spent playing with the neckline.

I'll do a few more knits before a tackle a coat. That scares me so a pair of jeans may happen before that starts. I still have a few months before it's cold enough for a coat in Central Florida/