Friday, January 30, 2015

Rigel Bomber Finished

I finally finished my Rigel Bomber. I love it!!

This picture shows the jacket a little better. I'm not sure about the crazy expression on my face. I think that the sun is was in my eyes.

I probably will wear the jacket open unless it is really cold. I don't live in the Northeast so super cold days are rare.
The back fits pretty well although I'll make a slight sway back adjustment if I make it again. I did stretch the ribbing around the back neck so that it would fit snug against my neck.

Note to self:  Remember to take one or two pictures without my hands in the pockets. The fit actually is better than it appears. A lot of the winkles in the jacket are caused by my hand placement.

I'd like to make the Rigel Bomber again, but I'm not sure that I will. How many jackets do I need in Florida? I'm trying to focus on the many garments that I need for everyday wear. The Rigel Bomber sew-a-long actually got me side tracked. This winter has had many cool days so I do think that it will get lots of wear.

As for construction, I made a size S. With a 37 bust and 32.5 high bust, I still didn't need a full bust adjustment. It's rare that I don't need one. I sewed the side seams at 1/4 inch and still feel like it a bit snug for me. I'll add 1/2" to the side seams if I make it again. I struggled with the welt pockets, but they turned out okay for the first time. They really aren't that difficult. All I need is practice! I really pulled my hair out had to think about inserting the zipper. I had trouble figuring out how to put the zipper in before attaching the facing. The zipper is put right side down to the jacket, attached and folded over before attaching the facing. I forgot to baste the zipper first to check if it was even. I was lucky as I could not have gotten it any better with basting.

I'm off to the next project whatever that may be. Happy Sewing to you!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Year Sewing

My first completed project for the year was the long sleeve t-shirt version of Silhouette 195.
Although this is just a t-shirt, I need a white knit long sleeve top. I am sticking to my goal to spend most of my time sewing the casual clothes that I wear often. I've made this top many times. The fit is fine for a t-shirt, but I want to add some different necklines and other changes to this basic pattern. When I look at it closely, I can see that it needs some tweaking before I start getting creative. The changes I want to make for next time are:

1. Sew the darts 1/2" further into the bust line. The dart is not smooth enough at the end. I checked my sewing which looks perfect to me.

2. Do a 1/2" forward shoulder adjustment (not obvious in this photo).

3. Make a slightly smaller armhole by raising the side seam. Change the sleeve to fit.

These are so minor that I won't make them on this top. I guess I am lazy have other priorities.

Today I spent most of "sewing" time trying to figure out the self-timer on my camera. I have a Cannon G-15 that I got for Christmas last year. I was assured that I could purchase a remote for it. Well, I could but the remote has a cable that is only 6 feet long. I figured out how to add an extension which is long enough to work. The problem is the cord shows in pictures. Also, I almost tripped over it a couple of times. Husband is willing to take pictures if I can catch him. He is a sweetie, but not very patient with picture taking. I'm going to try the self timer. Yahoo!! I finally figured it out. Now, I only need a clear day. The weather here in Florida is dreary, really cold for us, and raining off on on.

I finished sewing the buttons on a blouse that I started this summer. It's hardly appropriate wear for this time of year, but I want to finish a few of those UFOs that are hanging around. It needs a final pressing and a sunny day for picture taking.

I need to get back to the welt pockets on my Rigel Bomber. I'm really nervous with them since this if my first time making welt pockets. Fortunately, I have enough fabric to cut new fronts if I mess up badly. I've cut between the welts and they look fine so far. The rest of the jacket should be a breeze. Yea, sure.

I hope your sewing and life in general are going well.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Rigel Bomber and Looking Ahead

I've joined Ginger and many others in the Rigel Bomber sewalong. Hopefully, sewing the Rigel Bomber will be easier than deciding what fabric to use. I guess that is the problem with such a large stash. Finally, I have narrowed my choices to two.

This is a cotton sateen, purchased from Fabric Mart last Spring with ribbing yardage from Sew Baby. I bought the fabric to make pants. While I think pants would be super cute in this fabric, I doubt that I would wear them very often. The zipper was purchased to make the Bomber which never happened.

This is a wool sweater knit and theory cotton to make the sleeves.  Both fabrics are from Mood. The zipper and ribbing are the same as choice #1.

My concern about Choice #l is the fabric is the same as the Bomber made by Shanni.  Only the zipper color is different. I'm not sure about using the sweater knit although interfacing it should make it work. I bought this fabric to make a cardigan. Yesterday, I decided to use the polka dot cotton because I just love it. After all, I gotta decide or the jacket will never happen. Maybe I'll just go for the Copy Cat Award of 2015. I just hope that Shanni believes that copying is the highest form of flattery.

The year 2014 was the worst ever as far meeting goals. It wasn't a bad year but far from the best. My major focus was getting my arm and shoulder flexibility back. I can't believe that it took me a year, but I'm 95% there. It only hurts when I do a lot of fabric cutting. My strength is slower at returning. Would you believe 3lb weights? It is an improvement from inability to lift a gallon of milk. Don't ever break your arm! (not that anyone would plan on doing that crazy thing) Although I made a few garments that I like, I didn't finish many. I would stop working on a garment because the task was hurting that arm. (That's my reason and I'm sticking to it.)

I broke the Ready to Wear Fast in August. I needed shorts to wear on vacation and could buy them for $5. There was no way that I was going to be able to sew them. My goal to blog about the garments I made was a failure. I still have 3 garments finished that have not appeared in the limited activity on this blog. They will be coming soon. As I set out to do in 2014, one of my goals is to blog about finished garments soon after completion.

Goals for 2015:

1. Focus on garments for casual, everyday wear. I need to think more about how often I will wear each garment I make.

2. Finish the bra making Craftsy course.

3. Finish 3 quilts. I have one quilt that needs borders and another where all the blocks are completed. The third is a block of the month that is offered by my local quilt shop. It is a wall hanging of downtown DeLand, FL where I live.

4. Improve knitting and crocheting.

5. Make progress with sewing room organization.