Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Once Upon a Time in the Year 2014

an elderly woman(that's me)joined 262 sewists (at last count) in a journey to sew all their clothes. That means no store bought clothes except underwear, socks, and shoes from 1/1/14 until 12/31/14. The amazing Sarah of the blog Goodbyevalentino organized this journey.
I probably will sew my panties also, since I like the way mine fit so much better than RTW. This RTW fast is my only goal for 2014. As part of this goal, I will take pictures of every garment I sew and write a blog post before removing the garment from my sewing list. Crossing a garment off my list is almost as much fun as sewing. Expect to hear from me a lot more this year!

The work on my goal will be off to a slow start. I managed to trip over a trash can while cleaning up Christmas dinner and broke my right arm. That means no writing, driving, or knitting. I can sew and type although I'm slow. My left hand is getting a good workout! To add to my challenges, I upgraded my McAffee security progam which messed with my computer big time. I managed to fix most of the problems, but my picture file is floating around somewhere. I don't want to add any more pictures until I know I can find them. I'll either figure it out this weekend or have DH drive me to my favorite computer geek shop.

Happy New Year!