Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Coat Whoppee! Yahoo!!

This summer I'm making a coat along with almost 100 other people with the Great Coat Sew Along. It's an internet learn, sew, and share project organized by Marji. Today Mr.Postman delivered the coat fabric and muslin for coat fitting. He just smiled at me (knowing my fabric addiction) and didn't say anything. That's quite different from DH who typically yells "MORE FABRIC". I finally figured out why I am soooo excited about making this coat. When I was running, I never felt like I was a Runner until I finished a marathon. Now that I'm garment sewing, I won't feel like seamstress (or whatever the term is for the talented, creative people whose blogs I stalk regularly) until I make a coat. Here's my fabric:

The brown is wool flannel from Denver Fabrics and the muslin is from PerfectProductsonline. Now I'll admit it doesn't look all that exciting and, normally, I wouldn't take a picture of muslin. Hey, this is my first coat and I need to keep everything easy to sew. I'll have enough challenges with the tailoring involved! With the exception of a few other newbies to coat sewing, I don't think anyone is more excited about their coat fabric than I am. Of course, I have seen some gorgeous fabrics and plans that the experts are making. I'm honored to be sewing with them. Now I'll see if I can copy my coat pattern from the internet (lots of new tech learning going on!) Well, the chef (DH) almost has dinner ready (don't get too jealous, I have clean up duty) and my attempts are not working. I'll have to work on that one. Anyway, my pattern is Burda 7855, View A.

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