Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tailoring Traditional and Contemporary Techniques

Thanks to Marji I discovered this book. I was working on my white jacket (Yep, the one from the not-quite-finished June Capsule Contest) and decided to do Hong Kong Seam Finishes. Since I'm not trying to finish it in a day, I decided to finish the inside properly. None of the books that I checked had clear instructions that I could follow. I bought this book to use while making my coat and never dreamed I would use it for something simple. Well, I was wrong! The instructions were great and even understandable to me. I looked through the book and discovered that I had purchased a treasure. It's OOP but still available from Maybe I've outgrown some of those real beginner books or maybe some of the earlier authors really knew how to teach and write. I believe that I've made a discovery: tailoring often means good attention to detail and not just something for the experts to do.

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