Tuesday, May 5, 2009

April Review

April showers didn't happen where I live. It's been so dry that we're having brush fires. Fortunately, we do have the May flowers because we stand there with the hose watering.
Even though this April was busy with tax returns due and a week of vacation (yea!!!), I did manage to complete 5 garments. Two of the tops that I made I love. The BWOF 2/09 #108B is a great pattern that I'll make many times. The Sandra Betzina V8151 definitely is going in the TNT drawer. In this picture, I'm standing on the balconey of the condo where we stayed on vacation. I'm ready to go out to dinner and love wearing my new top. Most of the vacation we just sat and watched the ocean or went for walks in the sand. The water and the beach were as wonderful as they look. Well, back to sewing. The other garments that I finished were a KS 3338 T Shirt (a TNT), the LH Bergman Blouse (It's too hot to wear wool crepe now!), and white twill LH Cruise pants. The twill pants winkle a lot more than I would like, but will be a summer basic until I replace them.
My stash reduction hopes did not occur in April. Honestly, I love my stash but really am running out of storage space. I purchased 14 yards of fabric and used 10 yards. So, my plan for May is NO Fabric Purchases. That's tough because there are some great sales, but I must show a bit of discipline.

During vacation, I did think a lot about sewing and planned numerous projects. I finally located a couple of Ottobre Magazines and want to try some of their patterns. Lucky magazine had a month of clothes to wear. They aren't all mix and match, but a lot are. Spiegel has many wardrobe ideas and even has a survey to determine your "style". It was fun to go through their catalog and the wardrobe suggestions that they had for me. My style is "relaxed glamour" and the wardrobe suggestions are great. I'll be copying them soon and, fortunately, I have a lot of fabric that will work. You can check it out at http://www.spiegel.com/.
I'm aiming for 6 garments in May-really want to reduce that stash and have some new clothes to wear. At the same time, I know that the month is not starting out very well in the sewing world. I'm trying to finish a blouse and almost put it in the "wadder can" several times. I ripped the sleeves out and reinserted one of them this afternoon. Tomorrow, I'll try it on and see if it looks at least acceptable, get it finished or consider it a learning experience. I'm ready to move on to lots of exciting things on my sewing list!!

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