Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Frantic February: Finish or Find New Home

I know that I said that I wasn't going to monthly reviews, but I just can't help myself. The end of a month and the beginning of a new one is a time to reflect and plan. February was hectic to say the least. I do tax returns and the month began without a computer able to download the tax program. Because my son was going to get and set up it, I started the process before Christmas. Really, I paid for his computer engineering degree and he was happy to help. Of course, he was busy and thinking that tax returns weren't due until April 15. Yea, sure. I seldom nag but I became a major nagging mom. That story ended well. He did an excellent job of buying, putting together, and installing my wonderful high speed, lots of memory computer. Of course, that process meant dragging out computer programs and related stuff. My sewing room also functions as a home office during the season so getting it organized was a must. What a mess!! My sewing gear does have a home that it doesn't see very often, sad to say. I got everything put in proper places. I even sorted the Burda patterns I have traced and neatly put them in envelopes. Wow! I impress myself. It will stay neat for the next couple of months. After that, I hope that I can remember how nice a neat sewing room really is.

Despite the time I spent catching up on returns, I managed to get some sewing done. Apparently, I do better when I'm really busy. (That's another one of those things I must remember!) I actually competed three garments, using 6 yards of fabric. I love all of them. I've posted already about the Jalie 2919 Cardigan and the KS 3740 Cowl Top. I did decide I liked the collar and kept it "creative turned around". Thanks you everyone who gave me feedback. The third garment was the Jalie 2788 Twist Top.

It was made from a polyester/lycra knit that I bought from It went together easily and the fit is great, IMHO. I didn't make any fitting adjustments other than cutting the side seams one size larger, as usual. I love the tie and scooped back.I did not include a modesty panel and something is definitely needed before I wear it out of the house. I have a brown tank on the sewing table. It should be quick to make and will go well with the Jalie Cardigan. That should help with the snug fit of that cardigan.
In line with the finish-up theme of February, I made a comment on a blog stating that quilting makes me gruppy. Okay - If that's the case I need to find a new home for the quilt blocks that I have stored for years. I pulled out a set of blocks from the back of my embarrassing UFO shelf. A lot of hours went into making them. Plus, they were planned for a blank wall in my sewing room. Sooo.. I cut out sashing and border strips, laid out the quilt, and started sewing. After all, I need to finish them or give them away. I didn't get gruppy at all. In fact, I had most of it put together before I realized that I needed to get back to tax work. Here's the top half:
The bottom half needs two more pieces of sashing and it will be done.
I was amazed at the amount of details that I did. Naturally, I started thinking about the desire to add more of similar details to garments. My quilting projects are limited to "finish up" for the immediate future. Now that I don't have to spend as much time on fitting and basic sewing techniques, I 'm excited about the possibilities for garments. The applique and handwork don't show very well in the photos. I'm particularly excited about the hand silk ribbon embroidery that I did on the house block. I also need to apply my quilt planning and thinking about the end result to my wardrobe. I started thinking about my own personal style as a number of bloggers are doing now. Well, my style hit me: It's classic crazy with romantic touches. That's what I saw in the quilt and what, hopefully, will show more in my garment making. Of course, I don't want "wierd" and have to keep age appropriateness and my petite size in mind. I have some ideas which will be fun to do. I also have more direction in clearing out the UFO shelf and my closet!
It's time to get back to reducing taxes (legally, of course) and work on that brown tank - basics still have to be in classic crazy wardrobe.


knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

I know about quilting. It's not quite my thing, but I've been thinking about making a new one for my bed. Your squares are beautiful and if you even think about giving them away...

Rhonda said...

Rose, I love your applique have done a wonderful job with color and placement.
Take care.

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