Friday, April 16, 2010

Smokin' Play Clothes

My priority in sewing right now is making play clothes: the kind of garments that I like to wear hanging out with family & friends, going to Disney, playing minature golf, etc. This outfit certainly suits that purpose. Although I didn't follow all the "rules" for dressing a vase or lollipop, I love the outfit.

The top is another HP Sunshine Top made from a cotton interlock. I raised the pattern neckline 1 inch and like it a lot better. I don't have a strap problem now, but the girls do make an appearance if I lean over too far. That means that I'll raise the neckline a tad more the next time I make it. Since I'm "supposed" to wear more fitted clothes, I did make a tie belt. I like the look and comfort is not sacrificed at all. With the days getting warmer, I'm not about to wear really fitted clothes in the near future.
The pants are HP Marrakesh Drawstring Pants made from a wonderful cocoa colored linen. I did press the fabric before washing and there is not a major winkling problem. I purchased the fabric from the now-closed Timmel Fabrics so it is a good quality linen. These pants are described, by HP, as "so hot they're smokin'...". I agree although I did make some design changes. The drawstring had to go. If I add anything to my waist, it will be from chocolate, not fabric. I made the waistband flat in the front, but did add elastic to the back to stop a little gaping. According to Trinny & Susannah in "The Body Shape Bible", my vase shape looks better with angled pockets. I decided to do that and sew the pockets on the outside rather than do the pattern's side pockets. I do agree that they look better but I never tuck in my tops. The pockets don't show....dud! I prefer to eliminate pockets on dress pants but like them with my play clothes. Next time (There will be many more next times!) I'll make the pockets as instructed in the pattern.
These pants are a bit big right now, but not enough for me to take them in. Since I made the muslin, I've lost a little under 2 pounds (not a lot). I believe the difference is my regular workouts. Thanks to my Firm Toning Workout tape, I've lost an inch in my waist. Those workouts are beginning to show some results!!
Next up is a pair of capris in an orange fabric that matches the top.


Shannon said...

Your play clothes are lovely and you look smashing!

gwensews said...

That's a great "play outfit". Love the color. I too, need more play clothes. My lifestyle doesn't call for many ball gowns!

Sue said...

That's a very stylish looking outfit. I am a big fan of the HP Marrakesh pants and that is a good tip for leaving off the drawstring.