Sunday, July 19, 2009

Little Things Make a Difference

I know that little things do make a difference. Why am I so amazed when I actually see the difference? Just goes to show you - When something doesn't seem just right, it probably isn't. The solution takes a while to find. Sooo....Here's my completed BWOF 12-2008-114. It almost became a nightgown (as originally designed by Burda).

I took off the original neck binding. That was so much "fun". I must have patience that I didn't realize I had. I had to be so careful not to stretch the neck. Yes, there were several times that the thought of nightgown sounded pretty good! Once I finished it, I tried the dress on with my new red shoes that I love. Both the shoes and dress instantly looked blah. Amazing!! Fortunately, I had these black shoes that worked fine. For comparison, here's my original dress:
I love the new version. Sometimes a little more time and patience is worth it!


gwensews said...

Yes, they sure do. Good save! The dress looks terrific.

Gail said...

Your dress looks so good on you! Glad you were able to work through the fitting difficulties.