Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Sophia Carry-all

I love Amy Butler's Sophia Carry-all. It's small enough that it doesn't overwhelm my small frame, but big enough to carry around my stash of "stuff". The pattern description is: "Inspired by romantic travel films of the eary 60's. Stroll around town with this comfortably sized carry-all." Yep, I've done some "strolling" with my new bag although it is more of a Spring/Summer accessory.The inside is fully lined with pockets on both sides. I wasn't able to get a decent photo after it was finished, but did take one photo while making it. On one side I made two pocket per the pattern. On the other side I made three pockets with one to fit my cell phone.
The instructions are very detailed with lots of pictures to show the sewing steps. It was easy to make and would be a great pattern for someone who is sewing their first purse. Many thanks to Sigrid who sent me the pattern in her giveaway.
This carry-all has been finished for a while. DH has had back problems that are extremely painful. Also, my 15 year old cat, Harry, has been sick. As a result, I've done very little blog reading and even less sewing. DH is feeling much better. The plan is to start doing sewing again!


Eugenia said...

Lovely carry-all. When I saw the picture, before I read the text, I thought to myself that it looks like one of those wonderful sophisticated bags that ladies took on planes in the sixties! Hope your husband feels better soon.

Sigrid said...

It turned out lovely, the lining fabric is beautiful in combination with the outer fabric and accent color.
Happy the pattern found a good home. Best wishes for a speedy recovery of your husband.

gwensews said...

I love that Sophia! I have the pattern, yet to be made that I intended to to with the Weekender Bag, which also is not made!