Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The First White Shirt: Ottobre 05-2010-5

The pattern is almost altered for Ottobre 05-2010-5, view B. The front and back are pattern fitted. As soon as I check the sleeves for fit, I'll be ready to cut. Here are my "pre-game notes".
1. Why did you choose this pattern?
I like the yoke and the pleats on the front and back. I wanted a tailored shirt with some minor design elements.
2. Where will you wear this?
I'll be able to wear this blouse most anywhere I go. Mostly, I'll wear it with jeans for errands and family outings. It can be worn with dressy pants and a jacket for evenings on the town. Depending on my mood, I can wear it with a skirt for a dressier look.
3. Why did you choose this fabric for this pattern?
I have some white shirting with light gray stripes. It came from Timmel's Fabrics, now out of business, so it has been aging in my stash for several years. I've seen several shirts with stripes on the blogs. I like the look and would like to try it.
4. What aspects of construction are you looking forward to as you sew this?
I actually am excited about sewing the collar and stand. I've only done that once, over a year ago. I used Pam's tutorial with success. It took me forever! I'll aiming for "practice makes perfect"! I've never made a sleeve placket. Although the pattern just uses a narrow seam for the sleeve slit, I'd like to add a placket. I'm looking forward to it. Am I sick or what?
5. What aspects of construction worry you? What do you think you might mess up?
The construction doesn't worry me. Maybe it should, but I just kind of jump into things. My biggest concern is fit. The one Ottobre knit top that I made was a fit disaster. That's why I spent so much time with the pattern work. I'm seeing rulers and bust points in my sleep! Hopefully, I've worked most of it out on paper. Me? Mess Up? I'm think positively right now. I'll let you know!
6. Are there any instruction in this pattern that you have alreay decided to disregard? Are you substituting another method and if so what will it be?
I've read through the instructions which are limited. I've decided to disregard them. I know how to do the basic sewing. For the collar and stand, I probably will use Pam's method. I'm considering using Gigi's method to try another approach. For the sleeve placket, I'll follow Dave Coffin's book.
The plan is to start sewing this weekend and get as far as I can. I do have a couple of quick projects that I need to finish first.


a little sewing on the side said...

I agree that ignoring the pattern instructions is a wise choice. Better to try techniques from the masters and see which ones you prefer. I completely understand your anticipation of tackling challenging techniques! Adds a little excitement to the process!

Barbara said...

Rose I am excited you are making this pattern. It is one on my list of possibilities and I am really looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Thanks for jumping in.