Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Spirit Begins

Every year my friend, Jane, gives a Christmas party in the first or second week of December. She starts decorating before Thanksgiving and does an amazing job. There is a decorated tree in every room and a big one in the living room. About ten years ago, I saw the tree in Rockefeller Center. It was incredible. While her living room tree may not be quite as awesome as the one in New York City, it comes pretty close for a smaller version! There were so many people at the party that I couldn't get a full shot - unless I asked people to move which would have embarrassed me and my hostess. Instead, I took pictures of the top and bottom.
Do you see those boots sticking out? They are so cute!

I didn't finish the blouse that I planned to wear to the party until a week ago. So, what else is new? I did finish it, though. At least, I'll have a new top to wear for our family Christmas. To the party, I wore a red top, Silhouette 115, that I made last March. I was making the rounds of taking pictures of friends when hubbie took the camera and snapped a picture of me.

I love this top. It's quick and easy!! Next time I make make it, I'll take a bit off the collar. It's a little to big for my small frame.

This post was delayed by the events in Conn. It didn't seem right to write a happy post at the time. Besides, I have 3 grandchildren in Elementary School. Two of them are in Kindergarden. I had the shivers and the weather was warm here. These events reminded how precious life is. By the time I recaptured my Christmas spirit, I had to go into manic mode to get things done. I still have to sew pockets on shirts for DH and wrap a few presents. I may still be wrapping on Monday, but it will be done without too much stress.

Merry Christmas!!


Judith said...

Yes, the recent dreadful tragedy made us all stop to think and reflect. As a fellow teacher it really hit home to me just how important each day is.
As for that Christmas tree - WOW! Your friend Jane certainly has the decorators touch.
Merry Christmas from Down Under...J

gwensews said...

You looked perfectly Christmas in your red top. I was babysitting my 2 little grandsons when the Sandy tragedy took place. When I heard, I hugged them tight. We are blessed to have our children. And that alone, should make a wonderful Christmas.