Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dare I Disagree with Kenneth D. King?

To celebrate National Sewing Month, I've been reviewing books and webcasts with dreams of improving my sewing skills. One of the books I read  is "Cool Couture" by Kenneth D. King. The "Bag of Tricks" included in the book are inspiring. His writing and pictures are clear and many if them WILL be included in my sewing in the near future. Also, he sounds like a really nice man who I'd like to meet. So, what's this disagreement? In the introduction, he states: "I believe it's better to spend a bit more time with a project and achieve something very special, rather than try to save time or money by sewing running shorts and T-shirts." I wonder where he buys his running shorts and T-shirts. Maybe, the selection is better in New York. Most of the ones I see locally and online are made of poor quality fabric, the construction is shameful, and the prices keep getting higher. Of course, the fit is a big issue for me. I live in running shorts and t-shirts. There are no occasions on my calendar that call for a ball gown. Something special for me is a pair of shorts that fit and feel comfortable. Also, my life gets hectic sometimes. I just want to chill in my sewing room with easy sewing. Yes, I love a sewing challenge as those simple things get boring at times. That's the reason that I opened KK's book. Since, I do sew my running and exercise shorts. I'll share the last pair that I made.

I used Silhouette 3400 and shortened the pattern to the length that I wanted. This pair is a little longer than usual, just below the knee. The fabric is a medium weight cotton jersey purchased from Silhouette Patterns. The fabric is so luxuiant (that means a special luxury). I could sleep in these. I especially like the fit. There is no chafing even when I wear them biking. No, KK, I didn't take shortcuts. They are fast to make, but the shorts are exactly what I wanted.

I hope that all of your sewing is exactly what you want. Happy Sewing!!


Anonymous said...

I am making a Jalie running skort...I just finished the mock up and with a little tweeking I think it will be great..I find it hard for me to spend 60 dollars on a running skort. Plus the shorts you buy are so dang short!!! I agree with you!!!

Jane M said...

Oh, Rose, I giggled at your title this morning. I haven't made my own sport shorts....yet. I like the fit of my Elle pants from Style Arc so yes, I too see this as a future sewing project.

K.Line said...

Oooh, I love this title - totally roped me in :-)