Monday, June 23, 2008

B5190 Knit Skirt

I finally finished one garment for the June Capsule Contest. This is a knit skirt made with yellow, orange, white, and brown polyester knit from Gorgeous Fabric. The pattern was easy fit and easy sew. The waist of the pants was fitted using the My Label pullon pants. The fitting couldn't have been easier which is a nice change for me. I did have my share of beginner problems. Of course, I had one yard of fabric, the pattern required 2 yards, and there was a pattern that had to be matched. I have to make everything challenging! I considered changing to a top but I planned the mini wardrobe around this skirt. I made a yoke from the skirt pattern and used 3/8" seams rather than the suggested 5/8". Then I spent considerable time matching the pattern. I managed to cut out the skirt with scraps the size of a postage stamp! I wasn't sure all this would work but it did. I love the skirt which will go with tops in the colors that I usually wear. I also was uncertain about using polyester knit but this fabric worked beautifully. The sewing was a dream! Hopefully, the fabric will wear well. BTW, I did not make that poorly fitted blouse. It's much too tight for my comfort. You can see my motivation for struggling through this learning-to-sew process.
I did finish the computer storyboard for the wardrobe. At least, I thought I did, but it won't upload. I will figure that out eventually. Right now, I have to get back to sewing. I may be able to finish the garments by the June 30 deadline if I don't run into too many unexpected problems (lol). Today, I plan to finish the pants (another story) and finish cutting out the jacket (a simple one -- sure!). The blouse is cut out and the purse half finished.


a little sewing said...

Welcome to Blog-Land Rose!
I like your skirt. And the view from your sewing room is soooo gorgeous.

Faye Lewis said...

Beautiful outfit Rose.

Sheila said...

Hi Rose and Thank You for the lovely compliment.

I Looooooove your blog header absolutely beautiful.

The skirt looks great, which is a popular missoni print.