Monday, June 9, 2008

New and Old Toys

Well, I'm behind on my sewing schedule. I'm not surprised because I always plan more than I can do. Last week, I tried to figure out the reason I'm so behind. There are always chores and unexpected events. Still, I love to sew, want to sew but very little of it is happening. Sure, I could spend less time on the computer and do need a little more discipline there. But..... I do spend a lot of time at the ironing board with DH's shirts and, especially, his chef's uniforms now that he is going to cooking school. Of course, he doesn't worry about it a lot. I'm the one who hates to see him leave the house looking like he slept in his clothes. Cotton and silk clothes just need pressing even though we hang them as they come out of the dryer. I try not to complain very much but I did mention this problem to a friend. She suggesting a steamer. Wow! I need to discuss my issues with others more often! It won't work for everything but is great for jackets and those touch-ups!! Here is my new toy - a Rowenta Pro Steamer.

In back of the steamer, you can see my ironing board with an old toy. I'm using my big board to press my coat wool. I bought a cover for it with a grid to check that the fabric is on grain. I used it a lot when I was making quilts and just thought of using it for garments. BTW, you can see the corner of the Pinwheel Quilt that I made several years ago.
Another of my "new toys" is the Adobe Elements Program. I'm not very happy playing with that one right now. I've spent 3 days (off and on) trying to put together a storyboard for the JCC (June Capsule Contest). I sure wish the instructions were more basic like open a new page and highlight the pictures you want to use. The help menu caused me problems because the focus was on fancy applications (great for later) and seem to skip the basics for tech newbies. I think I finished the storyboard today, but the computer crashed when I tried to print it. Yes, I saved the page (I'm not that new at using technology!). Hopefully, I'll have it on the blog by the end of this week.

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