Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Crying the Blues

Well, I didn't cry but I did scream a few choice words that I'd best not repeat here. Last week I decided to finish up some almost-done projects before starting on the Mini Wardrobe. First up, I just needed to hem a teal blue skirt - easy, huh? I pinned the hem, tried it on, and all looked good. Yea -- until I took off the skirt. The zipper head (or whatever you call the thingy that zips up and down) came flying off. There was no way I could get that thingy back on track. That means ripping out the zipper and replacing it - no longer a quick finish-up skirt. Moving along, I have blue embroidered blouse that needed the sleeves attached and hemmed. It is S2891. The sleeves are really puffy on top. I looked like a cross between a girl playing grown up and someone from a vampire movie. DH came in while I was trying it on and gave me one of his extremely disgusting looks. (Why doesn't he come into the sewing room when I try on something that looks good? I do have one of those occasionally.) Here's the blouse:

Actually, it looks better on the hanger than it does on me. There is no way I would model it on this blog. On me, the sleeves hang straight down. I really like the yoke and the fabric although blue is not my best color. The instructions state that the sleeve is eased between dots and the finished sleeve does look like the pattern envelope. I should have known!! Now, I have to rip the sleeves and ease it the normal way - between notches or finish it for the goodwill bag. Right now, the trash bin is looking pretty good, but it is definitely back to UFO status.

All right, time to start on the mini wardrobe. I did change the blue linen jacket to B5143 that I thought would look better with the cosmo dress.

I cut it out and just could not get motivated to fuse the interfacing on the collar and facings. I kept thinking something was wrong. I checked my cut pieces: They looked fine and on grain. Finally, it dawned on me. That beautiful 100% linen is just too heavy for the dress. So, I went with a white tencel jacket, S2938, that was originally planned for the June Capsule Contest and never got started. White is good. The wardrobe mojo is back. I'm about half finished with the jacket. Hopefully, I can post the finished jacket soon!

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