Thursday, August 21, 2008

Slow Progress

At least there is some progress. The picture above shows my current WIP. I am a mood sewer (sew whatever I am in the mood to sew for the day rather than finished one project and moving on). This week I was really in the mood to finish my dress and jacket for the mini wardrobe "contest". With Faye coming, I figured I'd better get a number of garments prepared for work in case we lost electricity. That's my excuse for having all these projects started and I am sticking to it!!! We haven't lost electricity although Faye is not out of the way yet. We've had steady, heavy rain. There is a pretty large lake in the view from my sewing room today. Most of the garments above are for the mini wardrobe: a print blouse, white skirt, white jacket and the top of the dress trimmed to make the skirt of the dress. There is a pair of brown pants that I need for run-around time. I started thinking that my wardrobe is not the greatest wardrobe need that I have. I really need shorts, capis, and tops to wear everyday. Yet, I know the dressier wardrobe won't get done unless there is a deadline. When I have a need for something dressy, I usually don't have time to make it! I'm off to work on the jacket. It's the closest to being finished and I'm in the mood to finish something. We'll see how long that lasts!

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