Thursday, November 20, 2008

McCall Cotton Skirt

Well, I finished the skirt for the cotton contest. As usual, I finished the contest garment - just not by the deadline! At least my wardrobe doesn't care about the deadline. I no longer get concerned about it - just enjoy the encouragement from others participating in the contest and, of course, the finished garment. Here's the skirt:

I know I have a goofy expression. I was instructing DH on using the camera - guess it wasn't one of my "smiling days".

Project Details:

Pattern: McCall 5193

Fabric: 100% organic cotton from NearSeaNaturals. I absolutely love this fabric which was a joy to sew. It barely winkles, drapes well, and is sooooo comfortable.

Notions: 7" zipper, hook & eye, hem tape

Description: flared skirt, lower calf length has waistband and back zipper

I added 5" to the waist as there is hardly any difference between my hips and waist. Next time I make it I will take away 1" from the skirt gores. There was just too much ease putting on the waistband. I shortened the skirt by 8", 2" at the hip area and 6" at the lower area. I normally have to shorten a skirt anyway but this one hung almost to my ankles. I don't wear calf length skirts unless I wear boots (not a frequent thing in Florida) so I did my usual below the knee length. I reduced the flare just a tad. The design of the skirt is 8 gore but the gore sizes are different. I love gore skirts - the different sizes really gave this one a delightful "swing".

The top is the MyLabel T-Shirt made from rayon lycra knit - another very comfortable, soft fabric. (I could sleep in this outfit.) I got it into my head to add darts to the t-shirt to eliminate the folds around the sleeve. I'm still working on this t-shirt fit. The darts aren't quite right and now it is too tight. My friends think that I'm silly to be concerned about the fit of a t-shirt. Well, I wear them a lot and really want a well-fitted t-shirt. This shirt only takes about an hour to make so I plan to make quite a few of them - just vary the neck and trims so I don't get bored.

I've been sewing every minute I can grab (and some when I "should" be doing other things) so I'll have more finished garments to show in the weeks ahead.


Alicia said...

Hi, it's Alicia from your Sew Craft group! I love the skirt and thanks for the endorsement of the natural cotton - I might have to check some out for myself! :)

Anonymous said...

i like this skirt and the other things you make. :) i am hillary from your group.

Sarah Lemmon said...

This is adorable! I love this pattern.