Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Joy of Sewing

At last, I have something in common with Debbie Cook! It's not her amazing ability to fit and sew. No, it's her consideration of alternative titles for a blog post. I had trouble with this one. My alternative titles are:

1. How to Practice Your Use of Not-so-nice Words and Learn New Ones (probably the most accurate)

2. The McCall Vest (boring)

3. Picking the Worst Possible Pattern for Your Body (not something I would encourage)

I decided, finally, to stay positive. After all, I'm learning to sew. Learning new skills are part of the joy of sewing, but sometimes that is painful - especially when there are fitting issues.

All righty: I decided to make the vest from McCall 5193. I keep thinking that this is a Vogue Pattern because the fit was so difficult. Usually, I only have minor issues with McCall (in addition to my standard adjustments which I expect). Fortunately, I knew that I had to make muslin since it is a close fitting vest. Honestly, I think I could have drafted the pattern from scratch a lot faster. That muslin had so many tucks, fabric additions, etc. etc. that there was no way I could transfer all that "stuff" to the pattern. Finally, I got it to fit! I am proud of myself with that. So often, I just give up and go to some other pattern. I had this vest in my head and come h___ or high water I was going to do it. I ended up cutting the vest apart on the seam lines and tracing the muslin pieces on pattern paper. (The muslin fabric was flimsy (a mistake but I thought I might has a wearable muslin. lol). Here's a picture of my work in progress:

On the fabric, the white "thingys" are my fabric weights and the yellow stick dots show the piece and what side. Yes, I had to fit each side separately since I am assymetrical and it REALLY showed with this pattern. After I traced the fabric piece, I added the seam allowance. I'm accustomed to American patterns and didn't want to thread trace my stitching lines. I have cut out the vest and started sewing it. So far, it is going together well. That is the Joy of Sewing: learning new skills and meeting a challenge. I sure hope the sewing continues to go well so I can keep up the positive attitude.

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Meg said...

Oh, I feel that pain. I'm learning to sew, too, and it's IMO a lot harder than I ever thought. Every new garment has a couple thousand things going on I didn't see coming. Good luck with yours!