Friday, December 19, 2008

Fitting and Fabric

Well, I'm on round 3 of fitting my two blouse garments. They are getting there - slowly. At least I'll have lots of sewing practice by the time I get to fashion fabric. To ease the tedious task of working out these puzzles, I'm playing with my fabric instead of buying (How's that for discipline?). These are the two pieces of knit fabric I bought from Fashionista Fabric. Originally, the larger piece was planned for a dress and the smaller one for a top. Now, they don't know what they want to be when they grow up. IMO, they look so good together. Any ideas?

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy New Year! Here's wishes that all your sewing, crafting, and other activities turn out wonderful!!!


Corvus said...

Oooo, ideas. I could come up with a lot for my particular fashion style (I'm quite the fan of animal prints), but my style is... particularly odd. I'd probably still go for some kind of top, maybe like this, but for non-nursing sorts: I'd also probably pair it with some black fabric and maybe add a bit of embroidery remnescent of some of the themes I saw in Tanzania this summer.

Or turn that into a dress. Maybe make a shrug from scraps. With matching fingerless and elbow length gloves. Ooo.

Like I said, odd. :D

Julia said...

Hi, I'm also a seamstress and I'm looking for fellow seamstresses to converse and share with. I'm a grandmother and sew mostly for my little ones. I do other stuff, too, though. Would love to hear from you. Check out my blog. Julia

Angelia said...

I like them together... I think the large piece would make a great wrap dress... maybe do the collar and cuffs with the small piece.

I love animal prints.. I just made a top with some animal print scraps I had left over from a costume I made for a client... I mixed it with black.

Becky said...

I do agree that they look good together, even though I'm not really an animal-print sort of girl. My vote would be some kind of dress or top with contrast sections, using the small as the contrast. Maybe with a little bit of black for separation?

Becky said...

Stopping by again to say merry Christmas!

Linda said...

Rose I really do like the two pieces together. Maybe a Jalie Sweatheart top with small print for the sleeves and trim, larger for the bodice. Then wear it with a black knit gored skirt and use the smaller print as piping on the gored skirt seams!

I look forward to seeing what you make!

Happy New Year!