Monday, February 16, 2009

Finishing is Fun!

After my poor garment completion rate last month, I finally focused on finishing some projects. It feels great. I'm proud of my discipline because I had a good case of Spring fever (still do, to tell you the truth). While I'm sewing on dark colors, I'm dreaming of white, brights, and light flowing fabric. The weather has been awesome - sunshine and not too hot. I did work in the yard Saturday and spent Sunday afternoon playing with grandchildren in the park. I still managed to get some garments finished. They are pretty much basic, wear-often type of clothes. Here are my results:

This skirt is Vogue 8455, View B, made from suede microfiber. The skirt is a mock wrap, straight skirt, mid-knee length. It was quick and easy to make. Actually, it would have been easier if I had used lighter weight fabric. I like the angled pleats but I eliminated them from the underskirt. This fabric was hard to press and the pleats on the underskirt would have been impossible - plus I don't need all that extra bulk in the tummy area. Hummm.....noticed looking at the photo that I still have some pressing to do at the waistband. (Photos can be helpful to show details that I miss!) The only other adjustment I made was to shorten the skirt 1 inch. While I like the skirt, I doubt that I'll make it again. I have a bunch of skirt patterns that I want to make.

This cardigan is V1058, view B, made from cotton sweater knit. This is my first attempt at sweater knit and found it, surprisely, easy to sew. The cardigan is another easy-to-sew pattern. I like the way the inside is finished. Actually, the only problem I had in construction was mixing up the right side and the wrong side. Before I sewed the side seam, they looked similar in the design and the fabric. Here's a picture of the wrong side:

While I definitely will wear the cardigan, I'm not crazy about it and doubt that I'll sew it again. I much prefer the standard classic cardigan sweater.

I think everyone who sews knits has made the Jalie 2806 top. My version is in cotton interlock with the gathered foldover neckline. I love everything about it and will make it many times with different sleeves. I also want to try the ruched front. I made this top in a couple of hours. (At my turtle pace sewing, that's a quick sew project.) I shortened the shoulders and reduced the length of the hem line and sleeves. Otherwise, I made it per the pattern. This is my first Jalie pattern. I found the instructions easy to follow and even brushed up on my French which is written next to the English.

Now, I want to spend all day in my sewing room. I sure wish that I had a house elf to do my chores!!

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Becky said...

Congrats on finishing so many things so quickly! Guess that's the upside of having a lot of stuff in-progress, right? Also, where did you find the sweater knit? I've been looking for some, but have trouble finding sources for sweater knits that aren't wool (which I can't wear.)