Thursday, February 5, 2009

Working on the Basics

Time seems to move so slow in February and, then, it flies away. I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted. We've had company for several days and there were all these odd things that required attention. Anyway, I have been able to work in some sewing. I am really bored with my winter wardrobe, but I know much of that is just the time of year. It's been cold (in the twenties - really coooold for Florida) and dreary in the "Sunshine State". I keep wanting to start working on a new project - working on my piping skills, making a jacket, making a coat, making a pair of jeans. I know that I have to finish my basic wardrobe first even though discipline is not a lot of fun. I'm a "mood sewer" which means have a lot of projects going at once. I know that I have to stick with items in my plan regardless. Somehow, I have lost the instructions for the pair of pants that I have in process. I don't need them except for the fly zipper. I've made fly zippers a couple of times, but still have to follow the instructions step by step. I guess I'll have to use one of those sewing books in my library. *sigh* Right now, my sewing machine is at the Bernina Dealer for her annual maintenance (3 months late). I get so sad looking at my empty sewing table! I do have several garments close to finish and one that I actually completed.

Here's the one garment that I did finish in January:
The pattern is B4347 and the fabric is a polyester knit. I really like this blouse. It fits well, is very comfortable, and fairly easy to sew.
Well, that's my pitiful completion for January. February should be much more productive since there are a number of garments that I have started and several that are in that "almost done" stage. I just have to dig in my heals and get that basic wardrobe finished.

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Dee Light said...

What a wonderful bouse. Don't feel bad about your productivity. I cut 2 little jumpers out for my 14 mo. old about 2 months ago and haven't made a stich in eather.