Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Adios to summer and to Octtobre 05/08 #10

Around our house, summer officially ends once the Fall garden is planted. Well, the garden planting was finished this weekend. The temperature now is just 80 degrees. That's a cold front for us!!

I wanted to make a simple raglan sleeve t-shirt for my last summer garment. I have numerous patterns that met that criteria. Why did I pick the Octtobre 05/08 #10 jersey? Actually, I had a reason that would have been a good one if the pattern looked like the picture and line drawing. It had what looked like a slight amount of gathers around the neckline. Now, I know I could have looked at the pattern more closely and would have known that there was mucho ease in the front. I've made size 40 in Octtobre patterns before and they fit perfectly. I didn't stop to think about fit. That goes to show me that a tape measure should go on new patterns! I do think that I will remember that one!! This top has enough ease to make a great maternity top. At least it is comfortable. Both the top and the Hepburn pants wear pretty well. In these pictures, I had just returned from dinner with DH's sisters, my son and 2 grandchildren (ages 3 and 5). Normally, I would have been pretty rumbled. There is some "kiddie wear" but not a lot. I love this cotton knit fabric but it needed a different pattern! Here's what it looks like:

After the pictures were taken, I got an urge to see what the top would look like if I reversed it. I didn't think about being outside and took it off and put it on with the back in front. Our next door neigbor is quite elderly and don't think he could see anything even if he was looking. Oh well. If he saw anything, I gave him something new to talk about. Here's what the top looks like reversed:
In MHO, the front looks a lot better although it is still pretty full.

The back looks all right I think.
I apologize for the dark background but I have to take advantage of my photographer's availability. It wasn't that dark, but it was dusk. Oh well.
As for this top, I know I won't be making the pattern again. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the top. There are a number of options: recut and make into t-shirt, wear it for housecleaning (that means it won't be worn often), wad it, or give it to Goodwill (probably for an expectant mother). For now, I think I'll put it away with my summery clothes and decide next year. I'm ready for Fall sewing!!!


Shannon said...

I think the whole outfit looks great! Maybe you could belt the top to rein in some of the fullness?

gwensews said...

I agree with Shannon. OR--you could try to nip it in along the side seams.

Anonymous said...

IMO I'd just nip in the side seams. It's a lovely outfit and the colours are FABULOUS on you. Far too nice to become a wadder.