Wednesday, September 2, 2009

August Review: Highs and Lows

For August, I completed two garments and almost finished a top. I'll do a post soon about the reason that top didn't quite make the August total. During two lack-of-focus weeks, I traced a bunch of patterns and even cut out a few of them. Most of them will be put away until Spring arrives. A few went on my Fall sewing list. I am so ready to start sewing for cooler weather. I'm looking forward to this hot, steamy weather ending.

On the positive side, I did attach collar bands and collars for a blouse and a jacket. I thought my collar points were good, but had a long way to go. Then, I compared them to a Liz Clairborne blouse in my closet. I'd still like to get closer to perfect, but the collars were as good as the Liz blouse. Perhaps, I'm being too hard on myself. I'll always be working on sewing skills - at least I'm progressing!

The blouse is V2634 made from a cotton print from GorgeousFabrics. Although the colors are not the most flattering for me, I loved this fabric when I first saw it on the site. It hardly winkles (amazing for a cotton) and is soft and comfortable to wear. I also like the pattern. I made size 12 in the shoulder/sleeve area and size 14 in the hip area. The fit is about as good as I can get with my lopsided body. I love the blouse and know that I'll make it many times. Next time, I'll put in sleeves and, hopefully, the pattern will work as well.

The other finished garment was Loes Hinse Hepburn pants. For some reason, I struggled with the zipper insertion. I've done lots of fly fronts, but this method was different. It took a long time for me to wrap my mind around it. I tried this pattern because Shannon likes it so much. At first, I thought that it was sort of silly to put a zipper in pants with an elastic waistband. Once I finished them I understood why she likes the pattern so much. The fit and comfort is much better than pullon pants. I haven't worn them out yet. That will be the real comfort test. These pants deserve their own post. I'll do pictures and blog about them later in the week.

That's about it for August. Right now, I need to hem my last summery top and get going on Fall Sewing. Yea!!


Trudy Callan said...

I love that shirt. The fabric is awesome. Rose, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving the sweet comments. I hope you will visit again.

gwensews said...

That's a pretty blouse. Love the bright print, and it is perfect with those blue pants. We're all hard on ourselves, and bash ourselves terribly if our sewing doesn't live up to our expectatios. Thing is--most often we actually do sew better thab RTW.

Shannon said...

What a great outfit - I love the graphic print of the blouse!

Glad you conquered the Hepburn pants and I'm glad you like them too. Another convert!

Audrey said...

Your blouse looks great on you! I especially like the modern graphic print fabric. I have been trying to update my tops by using more modern prints, but sometimes the size of them intimidates me. Everyone in my ASG group raves about those Lois Hines pants, and they always look good when they wear them to "Show and Tell". I have the pattern, but have never made them

P.S. Harry is gorgeous!