Thursday, December 31, 2015

Top 5 Sewing Misses

Top 5 of 2015

This post is hard to write because it means looking at my poor sewing decisions. When I look at most other posts of "sewing misses", I think that their "misses" look pretty good. At least, they look better than mine IMO. I learned at an early age that one needs to deal with problem or the same problems will rear their ugly heads. So... I'm doing the post so that I can, hopefully, avoid the same problems and move on.

1.So Sew Easy Cowl

Looking at this picture sent me to my weight lifting tape. At the same time, I realized that one of the basic rules of sewing is to sew for your current body. I made the top in a clingy rayon and/or made it too small. The pattern is a good one, especially, for beginners, and the cowl is nice. I do wear it as a layering piece, but would never take the jacket off. The post is here.

2.Silhouette 350

I like this pattern and the combination of colors. I worked on fitting the muslin for a while. I still missed with a poorly fitted blouse as a result. While the colors worked, the solid was too heavy for the lightweight knit. This is a good plan that was poorly executed. I'll never wear the blouse. I did save it so that I can work on the fit issues one day (seems like one day never comes). The post is here.

3.Grainline Hemlock Tee

I'll make this pattern again. For a loose fitting top, I'm satisfied with the fit except for a small swayback adjustment . The fabric is comfortable. I do wear it around the house despite hubbie's "jailbird" comments. I simply do not like looking like a jailbird. The fabric was a mistake. The post is

 4. Silhouette 195

I want a white t-shirt! Without success, I tried twice to get this pattern to fit like I want. The long sleeve post is here.  I did not blog about the short sleeve one. I think that it is time for another t-shirt pattern! I did make a Grainline Lark before Christmas (not blogged about yet). I'm happy with it although I haven't taken pictures. I'm hoping the pictures look all right so I can use that one for 2016.

5. HP Fast & Fabulous T

I like this top, but it is more of a beach kind of garment. Since it isn't my style, I don't wear it often. I took pictures, but never blogged about it. That's my bad.

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Ginger Makes said...

Well, this is another case of no one but the blogger seeing anything wrong with the misses! They look good to me! But, we're all pretty picky, aren't we? :)