Tuesday, February 7, 2017

My Adventures with Marlborough Bras

I'm in love with the Marlborough Bra Pattern! I've wanted to make a bra for what seems like forever.
My first completed project for 2017 was my second Marlborough bra.

I used stretch lace from my stash and a turquoise findings kit from Bra Makers Supply. This bra went together A LOT faster than the first one. As you can see in the back view, I goofed with my measurements for the back band or, more likely, didn't insert the strap elastic properly. Because I am so slow blogging, I have had several opportunities to wear the bra. My mistake does not effect the fit and does not show through my clothes. I'd rather make a new bra than do some finicky ripping and resewing. I'll remember to check carefully next time. This lace has a bit more stretch than my first one and is even more comfortable.

Number 1 bra was in process when I started reading some negative blog comments about the Marborough. I did spend a lot of time with the muslins. After all the fitting, I made a size 36 DD although my measurements, according to the pattern, stated a size 34C. The first muslin was a joke! I have a unique body. Yes, everyone has a unique body but mine is REALLY unique as you can see from the recommended size compared to the one that I used. I cannot buy a bra that comes close to the the comfort and fit of the ones that I made. Once I got the right size, the cups and bridge fit perfectly. I did use a smaller size 38 underwire as the larger ones for my size were too big. I'm glad that I bought a variety of underwire sizes and tested those before making the final  bra.I almost gave up on this fitting process and just wait until I could go to a bra fitting pro. I'm glad that I continued because I'm so happy with the results. I will say that the bras fit better on my body than my self-made dress form. I know that I need to make some adjustments, especially around the arms/shoulder and the girls are too low on the form. That generally does not cause a problem fitting garments, but it does with bras. Maybe, I'll fix it one day. I'd just rather spend my precious sewing time making other things.

One thing about the comfort did cause me problems. If I am active working in the house or the garden, the underwires bother me. If I'm doing minor activity or sitting/standing, I can wear these bras all day without noticing I have a bra on.

There are some helpful tips from Lauren that I used along with great instructions with the pattern. Overall, the sewing was slow with the first one, but I didn't have any problems. I probably should not have used lace for my first bra, but I want what I want regardless of the challenge. I did use a kit from Taylor Made Supply which helped me collect  the supplies that I needed for the first time around.

Here are pictures of my first bra that I made in November/December last year.

I definitely will make more Marborough bras, but I'd like to try some other patterns also. What will I make next? I may try the Boyston since it is drafted without an underwire.

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