Monday, February 13, 2017

Toddler Backpack For ME

I fell in love with Lauren's backpack as soon as I saw it on her blog. It is the perfect size for running errands around town and keeping everything secure. Plus, there are so many pockets that I can keep everything organized to avoid digging through my purse. I've gotten more compliments and questions about where I "bought" it than any item I have ever made. I guess I shouldn't be so concerned about my sewing skills since no one seems to notice it's handmade.

To start, I searched the web to see if I could find something similar that I liked.  Finally, I just called Craft South and ordered the fabric and most of the other goodies. I actually got to talk to Lauren who collected everything for me. Talk about easy! Then, the easy part stopped. I should have known if Ladybird said this bag was a lot of work, it would take me forever. Well, it took 4 months off and on between other projects. The backpack is not difficult, but the fabric is thick and a lot of pockets were added. I am proud that I figured out how to make and install all those pockets.

I made my backpack exactly like Lauren's except for the colors of the zippers (used what I had on hand) and the addition of a coin purse that was simple to make. Locating coins for purchases quickly is a major nuisance for me. Now, I don't have any problem! The coin purse is removable so I can use it with other purses. I won't go into the details because Lauren explains everything so well on her blog. I will show you pictures of my beloved backpack.

Now, I'm working on my first pair of Ginger Jeans and trying to decide what bra to make next. There are so many choices! I'm developing a rather large bra supply section of Rose's at-home "fabric Store".

Happy Sewing!!

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CAN I said...

Lovely job on your bag! Use it with great joy...and make sure you let everyone who comments on it that you made it.