Friday, April 3, 2009

Is it Spring?

Actually, it feels more like summer around here, with temperatures in the 80s. It will soon be Spring in my sewing room anyway. Here's my 4 garment plan for Spring 2009:
I tried to keep the plan fairly simple. It will be my first time using BWOF patterns which should be fun. The major new learning will be inserting an invisible zipper - something I must learn to do if my sewing is going to go to the next level.

I still have 3 garments to finish before I can begin on my plan in earnest. Unless a bunch of unforeseen things happen, I should be able to finish them in the next week. The garments are a knit t-shirt (I wear a lot of those), the LH blouse, and a KS blouse. The t-shirt is quick and the LH blouse only needs the sleeve hems and button(s). The blouse is a little more involved, but the hard part of fitting is done.

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Angelia said...

I wish it was in the 80's here!
We're still going from the 70's back down to the 50's.. yuk!

I like the fabrics you picked out for your new outfit! Good luck with it!