Sunday, June 7, 2009

BWOF 02-2009 #118A

Here's my version of BWOf 02/09 #118. I made it from a mustard cotton jersey from Wazoodle. At this point, I'm not sure if I like it or not. For a knit top, it took way too much time to make. The Burda instructions for the sleeve were confusing to me and the fit is not to my liking. I'm not sure if I need to add more ease or if this pattern is better suited to a smaller busted woman. I do like the basic design and may try it again at some point.

Definitely, the back needs a sway back adjustment here.

I never did figure out the Burda instructions and mainly used the tutorial by Dawn. I did finish the sleeve in different manner so that I could avoid "tunnel sewing". As Dawn pointed out, the most critical aspect is only sewing from notch #5 to notch #5 on the front and from notch #7 to notch #7 on the back. (You can see from the picture that I did some ripping. A bunch of lumps occur when sewing the seam at one time.)
View from the right side:
My next step was to sew from Notch 5 (Notch 7) to the end of the sleeve.
Then, I turned the inner sleeve to the inside, basted it to the shoulder seam, and topstitched.
Who needs to do puzzles to keep the mind working when there are pattern instructions to figure out? My greatest learning from this garment: I'll be sure that I can visualize the entire garment before putting it under the sewing machine. If I'm really confused like I was with this blouse, I always can sew a Mini Sample or stop be cocky and sew a muslin. I would have saved time with this project!

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gwensews said...

Your top looks very nice. Love that color. Knits can be funky to sew. Too bad the instructions were difficult. Still, you managed nicely.;