Wednesday, June 10, 2009

KS 3620

This KS 3620 blouse is really a wearable muslin. I've been working on this pattern, as a fitting excercise, for a while now. I will continue to work on it and probably will have a dozen of them made before I am excited about the fit. Before sewing this one, I did 3 muslins and thought that I had it right (lol). This example is View B which I made from 100% cotton from Timmel Fabrics (now out of business).
Here's a view of the back. I like the tie in the back although it doesn't show very well in the photo.

Now I'm working on a skirt, BWOf 08-2008 #121. I have the invisible zipper in (my first) and hope to finish the lining today.


gwensews said...

This is a nice blouse. I like the tie in the back also. Nice job!

Shannon said...

Looks great!