Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cherry Pitfall

The sewing on this T-shirt was fine. I love trying different t-shirt patterns and this KS3338 is my TNT for a simple, casual knit top. I like the slight gathers at the side that take care of most of the winkling around the armhole. I took the picture on Dolly so you could see the gathers. The gathers hardly show at all when I wear it. I need a dart in most patterns. The dart gives the shirt a more fitted and often more formal look. That look is great but not always what I want. The fabric for my Cherry T-Shirt was 100% cotton. There were no problems with sewing the fabric.
So...Where was the pitfall? I have been pretty good (for me) about limiting the additions to my fabric collection. Starting with the purchase of this fabric, I have serious concerns that I am a fabric addict. I showed all the signs. I thought I had it under control. I love to look at different fabrics on blogs and fabric sites. I was looking a lot, as usual. For a while, I was able to say "Oh, that's beautiful but I need to sew more of the beauties I have first". Then, I just had to check out what Lucy's Fabrics had to offer. I saw this cherry fabric. My last name is Cherry. (Yes, I know. My name is a flower and a fruit. I get a lot of looks of disbelief and attempts to misspell my name in some way.) Most fabrics with a cherry print have a white background. I look drained in pure white so I've never bought them. This fabric had a cream background. It was a knit that I could sew quickly. I had to have it right away. Well, we all know that fabric shouldn't travel alone. I easily found another nice fabric. Did I stop there? Of course, I didn't. I found serveral more and pretty soon I was close to the $75 for free shipping. You got it. I added another fabric. Why pay for shipping when I could have a cut of fabric instead? That started a roll of fabric purchases that lasted for several days. It really wasn't my fault. All these sites had such great sales. Yea, right. I was like an alcholic who was going to the bar with friends. For a long time, he/she would just have water or maybe a drink or two. Then, one night this game plan resulted in so many drinks that he/she was passed out. Well, I didn't have a hangover at least. I just had a lot of guilt - not so much about the fabric I purchased. I love the new members of my fabric family. I only have guilt about the big gap between what I buy and what I turn into finished garments. I don't know if anybody noticed, but I did not include the yards of fabric purchased in my June Review. I'm too embarrassed at my June behavior! I'd like to think that I don't have an addiction. I only have a lust for fabric. I'm not real sure there is a difference. At least I did finish a garment in the month that I purchased the fabric. That's a first. There may be hope for me yet.


gwensews said...

Nice T. I would imagine you would wear a lot of those in your warm climate.

BConky said...

I almost bought that fabric from Lucy's. I like you T-shirt. I'm a fabricoholic too.