Friday, July 31, 2009

Cheatin' Jeans and Cherry Scraps

I cut out these Loes Hines Cruise Pants in December. The game plan was a quick pair of pullon pants where I could practice sewing on denim and topstitching with the heavier jean thread. The sewing was quick - I just took a long time getting started. Now I really want to make a real pair of jeans and thought it best to get this practicing done. I used a 100 jeans/denim needle and everything behaved like any other fabric. I looked for a 90 needle but there weren't any available at my local store. I just used what I had. I didn't want to wait to order a needle. It's been long enough! For the topstitching, I used 100 topstitch needle and increased the top tension on my sewing machine. The stitches look fine to me. I will invest in a jean double needle for the real pair. I did a fairly good job by using my edge foot twice and adjusting the needle position, but there are places where the distance between stitches isn't precise. Ya' all know how those little imperfections can bug ya. No, they didn't bug enough to rip and sew again. I consider this a learning experience for the next round. I eliminated the side-seam pockets in the pattern and added pockets in the back. I pulled up the top so you can see the pockets. I'm happy with pocket location although I always wear over blouses of some sort. I think I'll use smaller pockets next time. There's not much of me in the back. (I sure do wish I could reverse my body parts so I'd have a nice flat tummy and nicely rounded rear.)

I used the cherry fabric scraps to make the Ottobre 02/09 #1 Camisole Top. I was surprised at how much I like it. The project was quick, used scraps, and (to my surprise) fit pretty well. It's a perfect top for the beach. I doubt that I'll wear it anywhere else. I plan to make many more versions of this. Look out scrap bin! It's perfect to wear under a low-cut top or a jacket. I still have enough cherry fabric left to make a collar or trim for another top. At the present time, that fabric has joined the scrap bin. I love the cherry fabric, but I'm tired of it! Here's a back view of the camisole. The only adjustment I'll make next time is a slight sway back adjustment.

Now, I really should work on the green linen that I've started sewing. I just don't feel like it so I probably won't. I know what happens when I sew a "should" and, so far, the jacket is coming along nicely.


Shannon said...

Great outfit - you look cool and comfy!

gwensews said...

Nice detail on the back pockets of the jeans. And, you got a top out of scrap fabric, so that's a great freebie!