Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Buttonholder Took My Mojo

I lost my sewing mojo for the past couple of weeks. I never thought that it would happen to me. That'll teach me to be so smug. I was ready to put button holes in my red, white, and blue blouse. Also, I need to do button holes for the green linen jacket. For some reason I just could not bring myself to do them. I don't understand it. I have done many successful button holes. So, I found all kinds of other things to do: organizing stuff, tracing patterns, fitting patterns, cutting out garments, planning Fall sewing, even doing some much needed household chores. Meanwhile, Big Bertha (my sewing machine) sat idle and didn't even call for me. Thursday night DH wanted to watch "Top Chef". I said go ahead, without complaining, and just recorded "Project Runway".

Well, last night I watched all 3 hours of Project Runway. I was so happy to see Tim Gunn and Heidi again!! I was disappointed with the winners. At the same time, I enjoyed listening to the judges' comments. They must know a lot more than I do about style. I would not buy or make many of the garments they liked. Mainly, Tim Gunn is extremely motivating to me. Finally, I'm happily sewing again. I was up and at my machine early this morning. My button holes for the blouse are done. Of course, the thread broke on one of them so I had to rip and resew. I think that was my sewing machine reminding me not to forget it for so long! I've almost finished the Loes Hines Hepburn pants that were cut out in May. The instructions are so different from what I usually do. I couldn't make sense of them. The light finally dawned today. They are still challenging for me to make. I'm not sure that they are particularly difficult. They are just different from the way I normally sew pants. Well, I have the waistband to sew down, hems, and hook and eye. The mojo should last long enough to finish those few things!
I am going to take a sewing break now and look through the stash for jacket fabric. I've joined the ChanelJacketSewalong and still need to finalize the pattern and fabric.

I am amazed at how animals can pickup on our moods. Harry, the cat, is usually happily testing fabric and meowing with pleasure at my sewing efforts. Today, he is back to his normal Sewing Guru self. For a while, he looked more like this closing shot:


gwensews said...

Sometimes, all it takes is just a little push to get our mojo back in gear! Sounds like you are having fun sewing again.

West Coast Boomer said...

WOW...your cat is beautiful! When we left Navarre Beach (tired of the hurricanes) I planned on getting another cat - mine lived a marvelous 20 years!

I was so happy to see Project Runway back also! I think the 2nd place designer should have gotten FIRST place in the $100 K sewing - much more real - & beautiful too. But that is just one gal's opinion.

Anonymous said...

Your cat is soooooo beautiful. I'm thinking it's something to do with the impending change of season that's impacting on all our sewing mojo's. Too late for summer sewing, still to warm to contemplate fall sewing.

I can't wait until Project Runway hits our shores, which should be about October. My breath is bated.

Trudy Callan said...

You have a great blog. I'd love for you to come and visit my blog. I just made a Vintage Vogue Original 1944 Design, V2858. On the previous page you'll find a dress I made from an original 1974 pattern that I found in an antique store. I call that post The Lady in Lavender. And lots of other things in between. Hope you enjoy.