Saturday, August 1, 2009

July Review: The F Words

No, there were not any nasty words coming out of my sewing room during July. The words that describe my sewing for the month are: four, fun, and fortunate.These monthly reviews do provide me with an incentive to focus on finishing projects. I like numbers, but sewing is not a numbers game for me. Sure, I could complete a lot of garments and even use up a lot of fabric. All I have to do is make a bunch of quick TNT T-shirts. Although I do wear a lot of t-shirts, I would find that kind of sewing BORING. I like variety. Also, I want to continue to increase my sewing skills. I know how to make t-shirts. Hopefully, I'll add to my list of "know how tos" by the end of the year.

I completed four garments this month: the S2936 raglan sleeve blouse in a woven fabric, a TNT KS3338 T-shirt, the Ottobre 02/2009 #1 Camisole Top, and a pair of "cheatin' jeans" from Loes Hines Cruise Pants pattern. These garments did provide a little bit of new learning. I'm proud of the way the woven blouse turned out. I'm about ready to move to a tailored blouse with set-in sleeves. The camisole was a new pattern which really didn't provide any new learning. I do have a great way to use up knit scraps. The pull-on pants gave me an opportunity to practice using the heavy jean topstitch thread. There will be a pair of jeans in the near future. (The pattern is cut out ready for tissue fitting and a muslin.) I made the KS t-shirt just because I love the fabric.

I had a lot of fun during July. While the seam ripper did appear on several occasions, there were no frustrating problems. I traced and cutout some patterns. The planning and starting of new projects always is exciting. (That's the reason why I need some means of accountability.) I also did the dreaded pointed collar and collar stand for a blouse and my "never-ending" green linen jacket. They turned out a lot better than any of previous attempts. I'll definitely wear the blouse and jacket (assuming I can attach them satisfactorily). They don't look as good as I'd like but they are not bad. Plus, I didn't find the process frustrating and enjoyed trying a new technique. Maybe I really am learning to sew!!!

I feel quite fortunate to have such a wonderful fabric collection. Now that I've gotten over my purchasing guilt, it's nice to be able to "shop" at home with such gorgeous choices. I did put away some of my fabric choices for summer projects since I know I won't be able to complete them before Fall. I have more than enough still in my current projects basket. I started looking at my fabric for Fall and have a basket full of those choices. I think the Vogue Pattern Magazine and the Vogue Pattern Sale started that. Plus, I do love Fall sewing with all the earth tones. I have plenty of brown fabric to use along with matching colors.

Well, good-bye July and hello August. I'm working on the green jacket and, if nothing major happens, I'll finish it this month. I don't know how much wear I get from it now, but it's bugging me.

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