Friday, May 2, 2014

It's Too Bad

It's too bad that I missed another deadline. This year I wanted to participate in Me Made May 2014 but it's after May 1 and too late to sign up. I wanted to participate for several reasons:

1. My sewing is lacking focus. Nothing seems to be getting finished. I have a good plan, good fabric, and projects started. My sewing lately can be described as "The Whim of the Day".
2. I'd like to document my sewing with pictures. I have many finished garments without photos. Since DH is hard to lasso long enough to hold a camera, I need to learn to take the pictures myself.
3. I'd like to get back to the habit of blogging.
4. My UFO area is stuffed full.
5. I like the interaction of other sewers.

While I still lack some mobility in my broken arm, it has healed sufficiently for me to be confident cutting good fabric. For a while there, I was just sewing muslins. I have quite a few of those finished and ready to turn into wearable garments.


I have stuck to my pledge not to buy any RTW. I'll admit that I was tempted to use my injury as an excuse. I like wearing new clothes! Instead of buying, I explored my closet, discovered many hidden treasures and got rid of things that I would never wear. The experience was close to wearing something new.

May 2015

There should be another year to participate in the Me Made May. Hey, wait a minute. I could be an unofficial participant. I'll miss some of the fun of participating with others, but I can pretend and work on the things that I want to accomplish.


I, Rose of rosessewingroom. blogspot. com, sign up as an unofficial participant of Me-Made-May '14, I endeavour to wear one item of made-by-me a minimum of two days per week for the duration of May. I also will take photos of these items and post them on blogger. I also will work on one UFO each week and not start anything new until that UFO is completed.

I am aware that many (if not most) sewers out there never start anything new until an item is finished. Me, I like to multi-task so this part of the pledge will be hard for me. That's who I am, but this multiple tasking has gotten out of hand and needs to stop NOW.

I'll still follow along with the the MMM journeys... It's time to stop talking, go hem those pants, and wear them this week!

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