Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Me-made-May, Week1

Week 1 round up is a bit late due to technical difficulties. Without further ado, here's two days of made-my-me garments.

Friday, May 2

Although I live in Florida, Friday was cold and drizzling rain. I had a bunch of errands to do so I wanted to be comfortable. The jacket is M2 Again Quilted Jacket by Timeless Designs. I love the hood for rain days and really like this loose comfortable jacket for on-the-go days.My husband thinks that it's too busy so I save it for days that I'm on my own. The tank top is Textile Studio Basic Top, made sleeveless. The jeans are Silhouette 3300.

Saturday, May 3

We went to a casual dinner and play. The top is Silhouette 195 and the pants are Silhouette 3400, both TNT patterns that I make a lot.

Wardrobe Notes:
The weather already is getting hot. My light weight, short sleeve tops are getting that worn look. I need to add more summer tops to my wardrobe. This year I won't buy any (like usual) so I'd better get sewing.

The theater was icy cold. It normally is but I forgot as we only go to that particular theater a couple of times a year. I need to remember to wear a jacket. I need to add casual jackets to the sewing list.

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