Friday, October 3, 2008

August Mini Wardrobe Complete!

Oops, it's already October. I can believe how fast time goes! I did finish the wardrobe in September, but didn't get around to posting. It's much too late to show the entire wardrobe together (The white skirt and jacket will be wonderful next summer, but not right now.) Anyway, I finished a pair of beige pull-on pants to wear with the blouse. I used the MyLabel pattern and added side pockets from LH Cruise Pants. I can wear both of these items for the next couple of months here in Florida.

The pants fit great (love My Label for pants!). The hem on the blouse is level when I wear it and the sleeves on the same length. My right side is just lower than the left. DH is so busy now that I don't want to wait for photos wearing the garments. Here's a review of the blouse:


Pattern Description:

Loose-fitting, yoked, 3/4 length sleeve. There are various other sleeve lengths.

Pattern Sizing:

6-14 I made size 12.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?

It looked similar, but the sleeves were different.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

I love the yoke front with gathers that do not look like maternity wear. I disliked the sleeves. These sleeves are too puffy for me.

Fabric Used:

linen for the yoke and light weight rayon for the blouse

Pattern Alterations or any design changes that you made:

I did a lot of alterations for this pattern. Most of the alterations were ones I typically make.

I inserted the sleeve with ease from the notch to notch rather than higher at the dots as instructed in the pattern. That works okay for this light weight fabric but still has too much ease for heavier weight fabric. (I made another one in embroidered cotton.) Also, I reduced the width of the sleeves by an inch. When easing, I sew 2 rows of 2.5 length stitches (rather than basting) and pull the bobbin thread to gather. I can control the ease much easier that way. Other adjustments were a slight FBA on the right side, lowered the right side by 1/2", my typical sway back adjustment, and shortened the length by 2". I stitched on the sleeves and then sewed the side seams and sleeves at one time which I find much easier. Although the pattern didn't state it in the instructions, I understitched the yoke at the neck edge.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

I probably won't sew this pattern again. If I do, I will reduce the sleeve ease. I might use the yoke in another pattern but I doubt it. There are too many patterns out there that I want to try. I do recommend it to anyone who looks at the pattern carefully and likes the puffy sleeves. It probably would be a good pattern for someone much younger than I am.


This is an easy to sew pattern with a well designed yoke. With the very puffy sleeves, it probably is more suitable for teenagers or someone in their twenties.

Well, I'm off to finish packing and straighten the house a bit. We're leaving for Ft. Myers tomorrow for a week of R&R. In the sewing department, I have a few things that I'm finishing up (including the blouse from the Deco Dress fabric) and, then, I'll work on another contest that I entered. Yes, I know that I never finish a contest on time but I do finish them later. Maybe this time I'll meet the deadline. lol

Parting Shot:

Yes, Judyl, the water from Fay finally drained away and, fortunately, we did not get much rain from the following hurricanes. This picture was taken a few days ago. I can walk on the grass although it is a bit soggy. I do miss seeing the ducks.

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Wow, if I had a view like that from my sewing room, I'd never leave it! Except to go walk in the view, I suppose.