Sunday, October 19, 2008


Here's the blue embroidered blouse with the sleeves eased from notch to notch. I still don't think it is a very flattering style made in heavier fabric. If I ever made it again (which I doubt), I definitely would use light weight fabric. The capris are Lois Hines Cruise pants. I love the in-seam pockets. It's one of my favorite quick and easy TNTs. The fabric is a tencel/denim - winkle free and one of the most comfortable fabrics I've ever worn. I wish that I could find some more of it. Yes, I know, Tim Gunn, I should never wear capris as they make me look shorter. Sometimes, I had rather be comfortable than look tall. Besides, I wasn't planning on meeting Tim Gunn for a critique or a runway show.
Parting Shot:

This is my youngest DGS and DH playing checkers at Cracker Barrel. Aren't they adorable?

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